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Lost Ark: Can I Transfer My Character To Another Server?

Learn how to Transfer your Character to Another Server in Lost Ark from this guide.

Lost Ark is an amazing MMORPG that a player can enjoy. Being an MMORPG, there are many Tasks, Quests, Dungeon Raids, etc that the players will be doing. Lost Ark allows the players to have Multiple Characters that they can use whenever they want. Although these characters are playable if you have selected the right servers. But sometimes, you want to change the current server you are in. How would you do that? In this guide, I will show you how to Transfer your Character to another Server in Lost Ark if it is possible.

Can I Transfer my Character to another Server in Lost Ark?

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There is an answer to this question & you may not like it. I hate to be the bearer of Bad News but you cannot Transfer any Character of yours to another Server. When you create a new Character, it is locked to the server you created. You get 6 free characters to use on any server you want. But once you make it on a certain server, it is locked to that server forever. Lost Ark has deliberately done this to manage the ever-growing number of Players coming to the game.

If you want to play with a friend on another server, you will have to make another Character on that Server. As there are 5 Classes & 15 Sub-Classes, you shouldn’t feel limited but the progress on your current Character wont carry forward. Once Lost Ark can stabilize the Player Population growth on their Servers then you may be able to transfer your Characters. Nothing can be said though as this is just a speculation.

This was all about how to transfer a Character to another Server in Lost Ark. Hopefully this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like What Does Item Quality Mean in Lost Ark.